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God, Love & Yoga
published book November 28, 2023


God, Love & Yoga ( The Essence of Yoga Sanctuary ) has recently published!  Access you copy on Amazon !   Available in Kindle, Paperback, and Hardback copies.  Soon available on Audible.  Please leave a short review if you purchase the book.  It's extremely helpful to have numerous positive reviews in the eyes of Amazon.  Thank you for supporting the Yoga Sanctuary journey !  Shalom

Yoga Sanctuary Book Teaser June 18, 2023

Taste of upcoming Yoga Sanctuary Book

We who choose to practice Yoga, as a spiritual discipline, know to treat it’s practice like a prayer. Yoga can help us detach from the world and connect with God. Yoga is not a religion and is better understood as a spiritual practice. The Bible mentions meditation twenty-three times and nineteen of them are in the beautiful Book of Psalms. We are encouraged to be still, quiet and meditate on God. Yoga practice can bring about a quiet time to hush the mind and settle the spirit.

The object is that people will read this compilation and have more of an understanding of what Yoga practice is about. What I hope to bring to others in the writings of Yoga Sanctuary is to be eye opening to understand the peace and compassion it encompasses. This lovely expression says it all, “that some can hear you say a thousand words and never understand you and others will hear you clearly without saying anything.” They simply know and have an understanding.

There are enough people who realize the value in what is offered at Yoga Sanctuary, and they are Yoga Mama’s focus. This setting of sanctity is not just a place to exercise. Each session is a complete and honorable package from beginning to Namaste. The biggest factor is that the work is from the heart. To be able to sustain your living at doing what you love is a passionate way of life. Yoga Sanctuary is blessed to consistently bring a freshness to the table that draws people to continue in anticipation and participation.

This is not just physical work but whole body and mind development. It is also growing and building of character and spirit. This book is to share some of the beauty of Yoga Sanctuary. The experiences are amazing that have woven their way through this life. It is a goal that someone would be touched by the essence of this upcoming book. Some might even have the inclination to mirror some of the methods to expand their own life’s works.

In all the people I have met in this field of fitness and Yoga, I have not met anyone as diverse and passionate to do what I do. Yoga Sanctuary can only be written by me. It is my assignment to compile this story to live on. The task is gathering the experiences into written words and how Yoga Sanctuary has developed to what it is today.

I mark this territory in that I love God, I love Yoga and I love God’s people. This is a one-of-a-kind book because there is not another place in existence like this one. Perseverance is what has made this place of Yoga Sanctuary. The path has been cleared to increasingly develop as it has been God’s plan. Hurting people have a place to gather who do not feel comfortable in other places of congregation.

So come walk with me through the journey of the formation of this beautiful space. This book will describe how Yoga Sanctuary came about. Testimonies and stories will be included and there may be a tale or two to touch your heart. By the end of it, I hope you will agree that God has guided this mission so that others can improve their lives and have a glimpse of Him. God’s light shines through us to others. How else can some people see Him?

· This book has been on the back burner for many years. This is my first attempt at starting a book. How did this land with you?"

· "What would you like to hear about next?"

· "Does this feel like a book you might read? If so, what else would you want to be included?"


Yoga Mama


Warm Weather Gather May 6, 2023

 Warm Weather Gather was May 6th, 2023.  There are three Fall Gathers and three Winter Gathers.  People are more dispersed in the spring and summer so there is one combined "Warm Weather Gather."   Initially we gathered on the front porch this year, then a meditative walk around the place to view the start of many beautiful flowers and trees.  We migrated to the backyard with damp grass to put our bare feet to ground to the earth.  Chairs were provided for those that needed to sit with their feet to the grass.  We were in quiet meditation with the soft gonging of the bells in the light breeze.  There was guided breath mixed with pure quiet.  We then went through guided Tai Chi.  It was a gorgeous morning with perfect temperatures.  After some time, we meandered inside where tables were set up for painting of flower pots.  There were art samples of simple flowers to paint to the clay pots.  We let them dry in the sunny courtyard.  They were clear glazed to protect them.  Our very own Yogi, Herbalist, Tim Narlock, brought dill plants to plant in our newly painted pots.    As we painted and planted, Tim spoke about the benefits of dill. He also touched on edible plants and displayed the petunia blooms of many colors he brought with him.  These were going to be part of our lunch. The meal, as always, was delicious.  It was all summer time related with salads, watermelon and lemon infused water. Splendid, and healthy banana splits were served with non-dairy yogurt.  There was one more craft with making pretty garden sticks with glistening, colorful beads.  Everyone went home with an oval, metal bucket with garden goodies and painted pot.  The whole three hour gather was a healing hit.  Stay tuned for more gatherings in the Fall and Winter.  

Avoid Panic

     May we Control our emotions and rule over ourselves with trust and faith. Astronauts are trained in one aspect more than any other and that is not to panic. When we panic, we make mistakes, we disregard sensibility, we override the procedure system. We stop thinking clearly. Panic is disregarding a plan and succumbing to a good old freak out. Some of us crave to sound the alarm to what is staring us in the face. Panic can even result in death in some cases. Doctors and soldiers, astronauts, etc. are trained to not indulge in their emotions. The Emotional state is our lesser self.. nothing says we can’t cry and experience emotions …we may have apathetic feelings, but not letting negativities over rule. May we choose wisdom over panic. May we domesticate our feelings as we think perceive, and act. Where our head goes, our body follows.the observing eye is weak, the perceiving eye is strong, may we trust, pray to ask God for help. He gave us everything we need to avoid panic. Take a breath on that.



He received 39 stripes because 40 was known to kill a man. They wanted him alive. They held handfuls of his beard, and hair and pulled it out by the roots. They wanted him alive. They kicked, punched, and spit on him for hours. Until there wasn't a single spot on his body not covered in blood. They wanted him alive. They shoved a crown of thorns down on his head so harshly it stuck in his skin. They wanted him alive. After hours of being beaten, mocked, whipped, flogged, and tortured they made him walk with a cross. They made him carry it. A rough piece of wood with splinters digging into fresh wounds. They wanted him alive. They wanted him to feel every ounce of pain they could bring. He had to feel it in order to heal us. Crucifixion was historically one of the cruelest most tortured deaths a human could face. Hours upon hours of torture. Torture most of us can not mentally think of because the cruelty isn't normal. It isn't something our minds can comprehend. We celebrate Easter with pastel colors, happy children hunting eggs, and chocolate. Truth is there was absolutely nothing happy about the day Jesus died. It was cruel, bloody, and nasty.

He could have stopped all of it. He could have called every angel in heaven to demolish every person standing and shouting "Crucify Him!" He didn't. He knew in order to have a Sunday you have to have a Friday. He knew in order to have joy you have to carry your cross. He felt everything that day. He felt how your heart broke wide open when you had to watch your baby die. He felt how heavy your life was when you were staring down the barrel of a gun wondering if the man you called husband was going to shoot you. He carried the weight of the burden you have felt since your spouse died and life just doesn't seem right since. On that cross he held the rapist and murderers, the sinner and the saint. He leveled every playing field and said ALL of you are worth it. He knew he had to carry the cross. He never promised the cross you carry in this life would not be heavy. His wasn't. His promise is that Sunday is coming.

No matter how heavy Friday is. Financially, emotionally, mentally, or physically. Friday is heavy. That cross is weighing you down and you are about to crumble under its weight. His promise was simply this. He won't make you carry it alone. What kind of king would step down from his throne for this?

Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God did. For you.

He did every bit of it for you and me. Oh yes it is heavy. So heavy sometimes you do not think you can take one more step. But look up, because Sunday is coming. 

The Followers Journey

By Lexi Pate

Spread, share, and create: that is what we are to do.

Spread the Word, spread the truth that lives within our souls.

Share love, share kindness, share what you want in return.

Create a story. Create an inviting atmosphere to entice others.

Three words with mountains of meaning. They become a lifestyle;

Only until then, will our hearts be content.

Not content in the way, the world perceives, but the way it is truly meant to be.

A content heart that is set with a burden, a longing, a fire. Not a demanding program drilled into our brains, but a “jumpstart” that encourages us to work.

An encouraged heart to do the good work.

A continuous joy that flourishes within us.

A joyous heart that attracts even the heaviest of souls in a world overtaken by darkness.

A light that forever shines, unmoved and unshaken.

A refined, course wick that has been gifted a mighty flame.

The flame serves as a beacon, but also equips the wick with armor and protection.

The wick becomes a warrior, set apart and bright as ever.

A warrior, a soldier who is deemed weak by onlookers as the flame flickers with every blow.

But the wick remains ignited and continues to shine.

The “warrior” wears many hats.

The warrior is a student, and apprentice, a farmer.

He sows the seed he’s been given by the master to water.

The seed that’s been sewn, and tended to begins to grow

and bears fruit of its own, resembling the circle of life.

The wick that blazes has the ability to ignite the other.

The tree that grows sends new beginnings along the winds that

come against it, defying, the odds it began with.

With these three words, possibilities and life begin.

Simple Self-Care Activities You Can Do on a Budget

Simple Self-Care Activities You Can Do on a Budget

Financial stress leads to a host of negative consequences for our mental and emotional well-being. So if you’re trying to make do on a tighter budget, it’s imperative to take time for self-care in order to keep stress and anxiety at bay. And here are a few strategies that have been proven to be highly effective:

Get on Your Feet

If your job is pretty sedentary, you probably don’t get enough physical activity throughout the day. And lack of exercise is not just detrimental to your body; it can also have a negative impact on your mental health. And numerous studies show that people who have a regular exercise routine have greater confidence and self-esteem. So strive to incorporate easy physical activities into your workday. Take a walk on your lunch break, and instead of emailing coworkers, walk to their desks and back to yours. Skip the elevator and take the stairs every chance you get. And when you’re out, enjoy the scenery, take time to breathe the fresh air, and practice mindfulness.

Add Greenery to Your Surroundings

Whether you decide to start gardening as a relaxing hobby or you just want to spruce up your home office by adding an attractive fern or a philodendron, surrounding yourself with plants will improve your well-being and boost your mood. If you need help selecting the best options for your space, click here and read about the care and maintenance of common, and not-so-common, houseplants that will not only beautify your space but purify the air you breathe as well by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. But be careful which plants you choose if you have pets, as some of them can be poisonous if ingested by our furry friends.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is a great way to unlock massive time efficiencies in your day; even just twenty minutes of yoga practice can make all the difference! Yoga provides a wide range of benefits, from improving your physical health to calming the mind and soul. It's also relatively inexpensive compared to other exercise options, and can be done anywhere. Additionally, practicing yoga improves posture, prevents injury, increases strength and flexibility and can help with chronic pain management. When you’re read to start a yoga practice, visit Yoga Sanctuary for classes!

Declutter Your Home

Decluttering your space is an extremely effective technique to reduce stress and anxiety. Whether you do it all in one day or over a period of time, decide which items stay, which ones get donated or sold, and which ones are way past their prime, beyond repair, and need to be thrown in the garbage bin. Perform this thorough decluttering job before you go out to buy boxes and containers to corral your belongings; you may realize you don’t need any extra storage solutions after all once you’ve sorted through all your stuff and gotten rid of things. And after all your hard work, keep your space organized and tidy by performing a quick clean-up at least once a week, picking up stray items and putting them back where they belong - or straight into the trash.

Reduce Your Financial Stress by Finding an Affordable Rental

Once you’ve gotten rid of all your superfluous stuff, you may just be able to downsize and move your family and your belongings into smaller quarters, thus lowering your monthly rent or mortgage payments. And with more financial breathing room, your mental and emotional well-being is sure to increase. To find a house or apartment rental that suits your needs and your budget, look at online listings and filter your search by entering the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you wish for, your price range, and the amenities that you’d prefer to have such as secured parking, a garage, extra storage space, or a number of other options.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on spa appointments and beauty treatments to take care of yourself. Going out for a brisk walk, practicing yoga, taking time to enjoy your surroundings, and clearing your living space of clutter are all inexpensive ways to improve your well-being. So try to incorporate any or all of these strategies into your daily life and experience your stress melting away. If reducing financial stress requires more substantial steps, consider downsizing into an affordable rental.

YOGA & Meditation Improve Life’s Many Roles   

Use Yoga and Meditation to Improve Your Role as a Business Leader

Meditation and yoga offer a wide range of advantages — many of which can directly benefit your business and employees. While these two practices have much in common, they differ in approach and degree of activity. Most forms of meditation require the practitioner to be still and quiet to facilitate concentration and mindfulness. In contrast, yoga combines philosophy and movement to hone the body and mind. As a business leader, you can utilize both to improve your well-being and approach to running your company. Here are some tips and resources from Yoga Sanctuary to help you get started.

Jumpstart Your Day

You can meditate at any time of day, but there are special benefits to meditating in the morning. Taking a quiet moment for yourself right when you wake up can help you feel centered and energized. Morning yoga can also help you start the day with minimal physical discomfort. Many people feel stiff or sore after a long night's rest, and yoga can alleviate that with gentle stretching. A 10-minute session can limber you up, helping you feel ready to face the day's challenges.

Reduce Back Pain

Back pain is surprisingly common — research indicates that it affects up to half of the American workforce. Poor posture and a sedentary job are top contributors to this problem. Yoga can combat this pain by getting people moving and stretching tense muscles.

Boost Emotional Regulation

Emotional regulation is an essential skill, as it allows you to work well with others, resolve disputes, and approach problems from an objective perspective. Meditation and yoga improve emotional regulation, allowing you to deal with negative emotions in a healthy way. Good emotional regulation can reduce stress and make you a better decision-maker.

Manage Anxiety and Stress

Career responsibilities, family obligations, and fast-paced environments all contribute to anxiety and stress. Everyone feels these emotions to some extent, and they're not dangerous as long as they remain within normal levels. However, once they become toxic, you'll begin to see emotional, mental, and physical repercussions.

Yoga and meditation are both proven to reduce anxiety and stress. Each technique utilizes controlled breathing, which slows the heartbeat and decreases the amount of cortisol released. Cortisol, a stress hormone, makes the body ready to act but can have negative health consequences if present for long periods of time. Long-term stress can become a feedback loop, which yoga and meditation disrupt, giving you a chance to calm your body and mind.

Improve Discipline

Focus is imperative in the world of business. Both yoga and meditation can help increase your self-awareness, helping you to stay focused, present, and grounded. All this is important when you are trying to stay focused on a particular task, project, or deadline.

This enhanced discipline can also carry over into those tasks you may have decided to put off, including starting your own business. Perhaps you have a great idea, but keep finding reasons not to do it. If you haven’t already started your entrepreneurial path, use this guide to help you start an LLC in Texas. An LLC is a great option for your new business structure because of the flexibility and reduced paperwork, not to mention the legal protections and tax benefits.

Reduce Fatigue

Did you know stress can cause fatigue? Dealing with a personal or global crisis can sap emotional energy, leaving you without the resources to nurture relationships or pursue goals. In the workplace, fatigue can affect productivity and even be dangerous. Luckily, meditation and yoga can improve sleep quality, decreasing the likelihood of fatigue. In fact, many practitioners schedule their sessions right before bed to optimize this benefit.

Provide a Spiritual Outlet

Meditation and yoga both have spiritual roots, making them excellent ways to explore your spirituality. Each has a rich history and various schools of thought, allowing you to find philosophies that align with your own religious practices (or lack thereof).

Adding meditation and yoga to your routine requires dedication, but the results are well worth the effort. These disciplines offer a plethora of physical, emotional, and mental benefits that can enrich your life and make you a better leader. To learn more about how yoga can transform your mind and body, connect with Yoga Sanctuary today! Call 575-937-3609.

 - By Charley Sunday

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Fall Escape Gatherings

Date:  November 20th, 2022

. Recently there have been 3 Fall Workshops with about  30 plus participants.  The main subject was to Be Still & Psalms 46  to have confidence and trust in God, calming our fears.   We had lovely foods such as saffron rice, baked butternut squash and other ingredients creating a warm fall salad.  Lovely novelty dishes to take home as momento.  Seasonal events for healing and friendship stay tuned!.  575-937-3609


Date: October 1, 2022

Include all 5 senses while making a home, doing so provides safe haven for your evolving body and soul.

Your home is your oasis. Through your efforts, your house or apartment can become both a private sanctuary and a welcoming, serene, and healthy place to live in and visit. An organized and comfortable home can have a calming effect on you, your family, and guests, as well as be your personal escape from the rest of the world. Creating this nurturing space isn't difficult. Even a household that includes young children or multiple animals can be a serene and peaceful place. In just a few minutes, you can make a number of changes that can turn your home into a safe and comfortable haven that you can be proud to share with your loved ones and friends.  

One way to fill your house or apartment with calming energy is to imbue it with a peaceful ambiance that nurtures all five senses. Soft lighting and soothing colors like blue, purple, and green can make a space feel warm and inviting, while pleasant and calming aromas such as lavender and vanilla can positively affect moods. Peaceful sounds, such as running water in a fountain or gentle chimes can uplift and clear the space, while clearing clutter and making the most of open space can ease internal turmoil and dispel negative feelings. The physical objects in your home as well as your home itself can retain the energy of previous owners or creators. You can give your household's energy a lift by visualizing white light surrounding our home, symbolically sweeping out residual energy, or smudging your home with cleansing sage. 

The changes you make to your home can be as unique as you are and may involve utilization of space, lighting, new furniture, decorating, feng shui, or ritual. But what you do is not as important as being clear in your intention to set up your household as a soothing and refreshing place to be. Make your home a place of comfort, and you will feel nurtured and at peace.  May we be inspired. Namaste 🙏 

Peace and serenity in the home space.

Yoga, you make it work for you! You can lay on the mat, sit on the mat, or sit in a chair.

Make Yoga Work For “You

Date:  August 2022

Our bodies are all different! We make Yoga work for our own needs.

Yoga Sanctuary helps you improvise. You know your body! Our bodies will talk to us if we listen. Skype is available if you’d rather be in the comfort of your home. Call or text in for help. 575-937-3609


Date: July 10, 2022

Walking meditation is a simple way to connect with your spirit and mother earth in a very grounded and balanced & method.

Many of us take the benefits of walking for granted. Each day we limit the steps we take by driving or sitting for long periods of time. But walking even a few blocks a day has unlimited benefits -- not only for our health, but our spirit, for as we walk, we connect with the earth. 

Even when walking on concrete, the earth is still beneath us, supporting us. Walking lets our body remember simpler times, when life was less complex.  This helps us slow down to the speed of our body and take the time to integrate the natural flow of life into our very cells. Instead of running from place to place or thinking about how much more we can fit into our day, walking allows us to exist in the moment.   

Each step we take can lead us to becoming more mindful of ourselves, our thoughts and feelings. Walking slows us down enough not only to pay attention to where we are in our body, but also to our breath. Taking time to simply notice the breath while walking, through paying attention to the length of our inhales and exhales, and becoming attuned to the way in which we breathe is taking a step towards mindfulness. When we become more mindful, we gradually increase our awareness of the environment around us and start to recognize that the normal flow of our thoughts and feelings are not always related to where we are in the present moment. Gradually we realize that the connection we have with the earth and the ground beneath our feet is all there is. By walking and practicing breathing mindfully we gain a sense of calm and tranquility -- the problems and troubles of the day slowly fade away because we are in the 'now'.

The simplicity and ease of a walking practice allows us to create time, space and awareness of our surroundings and of the wonders that lie within us.  Taking a few moments to walk each day and become more aware of our breath will in turn open the door for the beauty of the world around us to filter in.  This time can bring gratitude and sorting out thoughts.  If you can imagine a British voice, a colleague used to say, “Sometimes we must take a walk about the lake to get life back in order! .” Whether you have a lake, woods or sidewalk, just walk, breathe and clear the mind and move the body.  

Summer Sister weekend in Memphis ! Lots of meditative walking & bonding.


Date:  June 10, 2022

Be the kind of friend who texts when you’re thinking about them and who buys them flowers just because. Be the kind of friend who notices when it’s been a while since you’ve seen them and says things like, “hey I miss you; let’s get together this week.” Be the kind of friend who asks how they’re doing and then listens (and truly cares) about the answer. Be the kind of friend who is true to her word and who shows up when it matters.

Be the kind of friend who is the first in line to hold that baby, and the one that orders their favorite pizza to the hospital room after birth. Be the kind of friend who says how you feel about them and hugs and says “I love you.” Be the kind of friend who prays and encourages. Be the kind of friend who assumes the best, not the worst. Be the kind of friend who stays and works it out when there’s conflict. Be the kind of friend who doesn’t gossip and who always sticks up for her people. Be the kind of friend who gives more than she takes. Be the kind of friend who cares so deeply and so wholeheartedly that it’s a risk, because the risk of friendship is worth it.

Be the kind of friend who doesn’t shy away from hard stuff like depression, anxiety, and grief. Be the kind of friend who holds space for her people and is present in the pain. Be the kind of friend who celebrates their wins like you’re their very own cheerleader. Be the kind of friend who buys champagne and makes a big deal over even the smallest things.

Be the kind of friend who stays. If someone is truly narcissistic or uninvested in your friendship, it is totally okay to walk away. But if you are just hitting a rough patch, or they’re just suddenly annoying the crap out of you, be the kind of friend who stays. Be the kind of friend who talks about stuff that’s bothering you instead of pulling back. Be the kind of friend who will fight for your friendships like you’re in the ring fighting for your life.

Extraordinary friends fight for their friendships with all their hearts, and they don’t walk away without being bruised and battered from trying.

My friend, listen to me, because this is so important: don’t wait one more second for that friend to show up in your life. Go and do it and be it, and it will be contagious.

Extraordinary friendships are built on people who decide to be extraordinary friends.

Extraordinary friends are people who love ridiculously and extravagantly and without expecting anything in return.

Yes, you will run into people who don’t deserve you. You will give more than you get sometimes. Nothing is ever lost by being generous, my friend. If you made an investment with no return, thank you. Thank you for your investment; it wasn’t wasted even if it feels like it. If you realize that relationship isn’t ever going to be mutual– it’s also TOTALLY okay to walk away and invest somewhere else.

We currently live in a very lonely world where so so so many people feel isolated and disconnected. How do we change that? We just start. We just start somewhere. We start loving and pursuing and being the kind of friends that we’re longing for. We don’t over think it, we just begin. And then? When we find our people, we hang on for dear life and we love them with our whole hearts. We refuse to let pettiness or small things wedge their way between us and WE STAY.

Because, extraordinary friendships are built on people who decide to be extraordinary friends.  Be that person!


Keep Up With the Latest in Natural Healing Techniques

Welcome to Our Blog

Apart from providing yoga classes and natural healing sessions, Yoga Sanctuary also offers advice and tips for achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Take the time to read our blog more information.

Yoga Mindful Practice

Mindful Yoga Practice can bring peace to the mind, body and spirit.  Regular Yoga meditation, prayer and body movements bring great benefits to we as human beings.  Just being still, breathing and taking quiet moments bring healing.  The body is the meditation hallway in which we first learn to practice the basic contemplative art of concentration, insight, and mindfulness.  Very few Americans make time for regular yoga practice.  If we incorporated yoga, meditation in our lives, there would be more peace, less stress, less disease 🦠 .  Yoga Sanctuary offers 7 gentle Yoga group sessions a week at a reasonable price.  Skype is available as well as private sessions.  Find your peace in regular Yoga Practice, prayer, and the Word. Discipline life for things to come. 🙏


January 20, 2020

Color has the ability to trigger our emotions, affect the way we think and act, and influence our attitudes.

When we enter a room or see an object for the first time, our minds register its color before any other detail. The colors our eyes can perceive are like words that form a subtle language of mood, energy, and insight. Color can exert a gentle effect on the mind and the body, influencing our dispositions and our physical health. Color has the ability to trigger our emotions, affect the way we think and act, and influence our attitudes. You unconsciously respond to the color of the walls in your home, your car, your clothing, and the food you eat based on your body's natural reactions to certain colors and the psychological associations you have formed around them. The consequences of the decision to paint a room or wear a specific article of clothing therefore goes beyond aesthetics.

The colors you encounter throughout your day can make you feel happy or sad, invigorate you or drain your vitality, and even affect your work habits. Throughout history, cultures spread over many different parts of the globe have attributed varying meanings to different colors. In China, blue is associated with immortality, while people in the Middle East view blue as a color of protection. There is also evidence that human beings respond to color in a very visceral way. Red excites us and inflames our passions. Too much red, however, can make us feel overstimulated and irritated. Pink tends to make people feel loved and protected but also can cause feelings of lethargy. Yellow represents joy or optimism and can energize you and help you think more clearly. Bright orange reduces depression and sadness. Blue and green are known to inspire peaceful feelings, and people are often able to concentrate better and work in rooms painted in soft blues and greens. The darker tones of both colors can make you feel serious and introspective.

There are ways to integrate color into your life that go beyond picking the hues of your décor and your wardrobe. You can meditate with color by concentrating on the colors that make you feel peaceful or using a progression of colors to symbolize a descent into a relaxed state. Color breathing involves visualizing certain colors as you in inhale and exhale. Choose to surround yourself with the colors that you are attracted to and make you feel good, and you can create an environment that makes you feel nurtured, peaceful, and uplifted.

Surrender Box

June 1, 2022

A surrender box is a tool to let go of our burdens so God can take care of them for us.

A surrender box is a tool to let go of our burdens so God can take care of them for us.

There are times when our minds become too full. Our to-do lists, worries, plans, and dreams may be so crowded together in our heads that we don't have room to think. We may believe that we are somehow taking care of our desires and concerns by keeping them at the forefront of our minds. In maintaining our mental hold on every detail, however, we may actually delay the realization of our dreams and the resolution of our worries because we won't let them go. At times such as these, we may want to use a surrender box. 

A surrender box allows us to let go of our worries and desires so the God can take care of them for us. We write down what we want or need to happen and then place the note into a box. By writing and placing our thoughts in the box, we are taking action and letting the universe know we need help and are willing to surrender our feelings. We give ourselves permission to not concern ourselves with that problem any longer and trust that God is taking care of it. You may even want to decorate your box and place it in a special place. Your surrender box is a sacred container for your worries. Not only do you free up space in your mind by letting go of our worries and desires and dropping them into your surrender box, but you are giving your burden over to a higher power. Once we drop our worries and desires into the surrender box, we free our minds so we can be fully present in each moment. 

Surrendering our worries and concerns and placing them in the hands of the universe doesn't mean that we've given up or have been defeated. Instead, we are releasing the realization of our desires and the resolution of our worries and no longer concerning ourselves with their outcomes. It's always fun to go back and pull the slips of paper out of the box once your requests have been granted. And it's amazing how quickly problems go away and dreams come true when we finally let go and allow God to help us.  This will be a summer project for children I work with. 


April 25, 2022

Even the geography of Israel is used by God as a metaphor of His love and protection of our hearts.

Jerusalem is surrounded by hills, standing tall around her on every side.

So tall that some refer to them as mountains.

God says, through the Psalmist, that this is a picture of how he cradles, cherishes, and protects our hearts…..

"Just as Jerusalem is protected

by mountains on every side,

the LORD protects his people

by holding them in his arms

now and forever."

~Psalm 125:2

What a treasure in this geographic picture!

The Jews of ancient times were reminded of this metaphor of God’s love for them at least 3 times a year - when they made their required pilgrimages to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover, Shavuot (Pentacost,) and the Feast of Tabernacles.

And it gets even better ~

The name of God’s holy city, Jerusalem, is derived from the same root as the word “Shalom.”

It literally means "Abode of Shalom" or "City of Peace."

And He invites us to "dwell" in His Abode of Shalom.

"Shalom" means "peace" ~ but has such a deeper meaning than our superficial word for "peace."

It means “wholeness” of soul, completeness, the opposite of broken-ness ~

So, in the middle of God’s protective, cherishing embrace we have this place of wholeness,

His Abode of ShalomShalom in His everlasting arms.  The deepest peace we can imagine on this earth. Shalom

Warrior Self

March 18, 2020


The human soul is dynamic, adapting readily to the changing conditions we encounter as time marches forward. Though we may use a single set of characteristics to define ourselves, we slip easily into contradictory roles when necessary. When we feel called to explore the way of the warrior, we may feel a strong sense of dismay because we have no wish to deny ourselves of our softer side. Yet embracing the warrior spirit is not a matter of denying gentleness or compassion--all human beings embody all traits to some degree, and coexist peacefully within us. We can exhibit strength without sacrificing tenderness precisely because both are elements of the self and both have a role to play in our very being. If you remember the wolf that showed itself from time to time in Jack London’s “Call of the Wild,” that is a great illustration of “Warrior Self.” When we need strength to remap our life or carry through tough times, we welcome Warrior Self showing up.

Balance is the key to peaceable coexistence where opposing characteristics of the self are concerned. The warrior spirit, when allowed free reign, is overpowering and all-consuming. If it is to be an affirmative force in our lives, it must be tempered with wisdom and moderation. Our inner warriors are ready to react instantly to conflict, chaos, and confusion, while nonetheless remaining committed to a path of goodwill and fairness. They lie at the root of our dedication to integrity but do not drive us to use our strength to others into adopting our values. The warrior may be nourished by raw emotions with the potential to cause us to lash out, but it channels that energy into positive and constructive action.

Your inner warrior is one source of strength you can draw upon in times of great need. When you employ your warrior spirit thoughtfully, it manifests itself as clarity, focus, determination, courage, constancy, and zest for life. The warrior views roadblocks as evolutionary opportunities and is not afraid to pursue a purpose to its climax. There is more than enough room in the existence of the warrior for softness and kindness, and the warrior's willingness to stand up for their beliefs can aid you greatly as you strive to incorporate these ideals into your life. Exploring this unique side of yourself is a means of broadening your reality so you can internalize mindfulness while meeting life's challenges with an intensity of spirit that never wavers.

Anne Lucero Korssjoen

FB Yoga Sanctuary Midland, Tx



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Sept 27, 2019

Grief is part of the human experience, and sharing our vulnerability helps create truly close bonds.

When we experience something that causes us to feel shock and sadness, we may feel the urge to withdraw from life. It may seem like remaining withdrawn will keep us protected from the world, but during these times it is important to reach out to those trusted and precious people who care about us the most. Even with our best information and reasoning, we never know when someone else's experience or perspective can give us additional information that we need. The universe speaks to us through many channels, and when we open ourselves up to receive its messages, we also receive nurturing care from a loving partner in life's journey.

Grief is part of the human experience, and sharing our vulnerability is what creates truly close bonds in our relationships. Opening ourselves up in this way gets to the core of our being, past all of our defenses and prejudices. When life seems to crack the outer shell of our world, we are both raw and fresh at the same time. It is then that we discover who is truly willing to walk with us through life. We also see that some of those sent to us may not be the ones we expected to see. Regardless, we learn to trust in the universe, in others, in our own strength and resilience, and in the wisdom of life itself.

Sharing grief allows us to ease our burden by letting someone else help carry it. This helps us process our own inner thoughts and feelings through the filter of a trusted and beloved someone. We may feel guilty or selfish, as if we are unloading on someone who has their own challenges. Although, if we think about it, we know we would do the same for them, and their protests would seem pointless. Remember that not sharing feelings with others denies them the opportunity to feel. We may be the messenger sent for their benefit, and it is on this mission that we have been sent. By sharing our hopes and fears, joys and pains with another person, we accept the universe's gifts of wisdom and loving care.

Dear God, may you bring to me those that need me and may those I need be brought to me. May something I do today be eternally significant.  

Why Slow Yoga

August 25, 2019

Why “Slow” Yoga ?

Slow yoga, affords practitioners a thoughtful, meditative experience to move into the body and mind gently. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, this style of guiding develops flexibility, balance, strength developing into a heightened sense of well-being. Often physicians suggest Yoga to their patients in leu of, prior to, or recovering from medical procedures. Many people come to yoga seeking freedom from stress and mental anxiety. During the session you're guided to move past trains of thought and into active movement connecting body and mind. Breath awareness is encouraged. This manner of yoga practice aides stress reduction, personal mindfulness and creates a sense of harmony and well-being. Yoga is not an exercise but a mindful, therapeutic activity cultivating harmony in body and spirit.

Yoga “poses” are not the goal. The handstand is not the goal, standing on one leg for long periods of time is not the ambition. The intent is to create a peaceful space where you may have been stuck. The aim is to release layers of protection built around the heart, targeting appreciation of your body and becoming aware of the mind and the noisy chatter it creates. The intention is to make peace with who you are and the person God created. The goal is to love yourself, so that you can love and give to others more freely. It is important to replenish yourself on a regular basis (you cannot give what you do not have). We all hear the medical benefits of yoga such as regulated blood pressure, increased blood circulation, pain management etc. When we keep our mind and body at ease, we avoid the opposite, which is “disease”. These are all health bonuses.

Soft, gentle guided Yoga is doable for all people, no matter the age or level of health. The guide will consistently remind you to be in tune and responsible for your own body ( making no move unless you have the confidence to do so ).

So come to your yoga mat to “feel,” not to accomplish. Shift your focus and allow your heart to heal and grow.

Please accept the invitation to the experience! Namaste (meaning respect and honor of one another's spirit)

Anne Lucero Korssjoen

FB Yoga Sanctuary Midland, Tx


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