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Book Available NOW!

God, Love & Yoga

The book is available! Kindle, Hardcopy & Audible. Listen to five minute sample on audible.  God's spirit flows through Yoga Sanctuary, touching the souls of others.  Yoga ministry is helping diminish barriers between others and God.  God, Love & Yoga covers many ideas that pass on the peaceful beauty of mind, body and spirit.  

The intention of bringing this book to fruition is to offer happiness to the many people who have been part of Yoga Sanctuary and others who wish to know of this harbor of serenity.  There are stories of the journey of Yoga with people from eight to eightyPLUS.  There is love on every page and God's guidance in the journey.   Please leave a review on Amazon to boost ratings.

Yoga Sanctuary Assists You in Finding Balance and Peace of Mind

A Quiet Place of Healing and Wellness

Calm your mind and body with Yoga Sanctuary.  Both group and private Yoga sessions are available in a peaceful, friendly haven where you can achieve

stillness of mind.  The sessions are all self-paced and can be practiced under

your full control.  You are the boss of your body.  There are chairs available if needed.  These sessions are available to join LIVE and ZOOM or practicing at a time convenient to you on ZOOM recordings or YOUTUBE   


Our goal is to support people who desire to achieve balance in their lives. Let

us help you get on track starting with better health and wellness. We can assist you in becoming the best version of yourself. We help people find balance and share with them the gifts God has bestowed us.  The nicest community of

people practice at Yoga Sanctuary.

Try yoga in a warm and welcoming Christian environment! We can also help refresh your mind, relax your body, and improve your outlook in general with Reiki and meditation sessions.


Yoga is a quiet discipline that leads the body into flexible, strength-building positions. It calms the mind and allows us to focus on our inner power through proper breathing and appreciation of daily blessings. Feel free to join our affordable community sessions or book a private session at our studio or in your own home. Get in touch with us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Sessions are 45 minutes 

Monday Wednesday Friday NOON

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 5:30 PM


4202 Dawn Circle 79707

Ann Lucero Cover 2.jpg

Monthly Yoga

Drop-In Yoga

Private Yoga/Reiki


Yoga Anywhere,  Anytime

Yoga on the go, when you travel, when you're  home, shut the door at the office and take in a few peaceful refreshing moments.  Yoga before bed is for the best rest !  There's no better place than Yoga Sanctuary to get in a great, rejuvenating session, to bring peace to the mind, body and spirit.  Hope to see you in person, but Zoom, Skype are available when time doesn't allow a physical visit.  See you soon!

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